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I am passionate about the things that make us human: aging, grief, the body, & communication. 
My personal and professional path has given me decades of experience in these areas. One of my first jobs was working as a CNA at nursing homes. From there, I began working in the corporate sector, wearing MANY hats over the years. Most recently, I obtained my PhD. in Social Psychology and certifications in Mind-Body Medicine and Foundations in Contemplative Care.
I use evidence-based practices to raise awareness, stimulate curiosity, and provide the opportunity to explore the stories we tell about this human experience. 

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Reduce Stress? 

Yes, you can! Mindfulness doesn't take away stress or life challenges, but it can support you in managing the ups and downs of life. 


It's time to reshape the narrative around aging. During this session, you will learn a powerful five-step framework that can help to shift negative perceptions of aging and empower people to approach it with curiosity, ease, and joy.

Mindful Aging

Learn, grow, & have fun

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“Dr. Theresa Skaar has conducted several outstanding trainings for our organization. She spectacularly combined research and lived experiences and was relatable to our diverse audience of doctoral students. The participants were implementing practices and skills she instilled in them one year later!”
-Bridget A. Walsh, Ph.D., CFLE, Professor, University Nevada, Reno

I want to partner with you to make your event extraordinary! 
When you choose me as your speaker, you're not just getting a presenter – you're getting someone who'll spark meaningful conversations and leave your audience inspired to explore their own personal growth journeys. 

Dr. T's Talks on
Aging, Stress, and Grief