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Being human means that at some point we will all experience grief. We are all aging (if we are lucky!). And we all have a container (the body). These experiences can be challenging and I am here to navigate this journey with you. 

Let’s navigate being human, together


But what does that even mean?!
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Hello, I'm Dr. T, and I'd like to join you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and building connections with others. I offer a variety of  services to help you navigate life's challenges with compassion, understanding and humor. 


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My mission is to create a space where knowledge, connection, and community thrive. Through our conversations, we'll tackle challenging subjects with a blend of humor, compassion, and understanding. Regardless of who you are or where you live, we all share common threads of loss, grief, aging (if we're lucky), and the container that carries us—the human body.

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Creating Connection with Dr. T


“Theresa is an excellent listener, who is compassionate, kind, and funny. She asks thoughtful questions that take me to a deeper level. She makes me feel like I’ve been seen because she is genuinely interested in my story.”


I'm Theresa, your new best friend.

Welcome to my website! I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself and what I do.  I am a social psychologist, certified Mind-body Skills facilitator, and qualified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction practitioner. With a focus on aging, grief, and body image, I firmly believe that all roads lead to mindfulness.

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Whether you're seeking support for yourself or looking to collaborate professionally, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me.

During our call, we'll get to know each other, discuss your goals, and explore how I can assist you