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Ways to Work Together

During seven years working with and for Dr. Theresa Skaar at the University of Nevada, Reno Gerontology Academic Program, I experienced her speaking prowess to diverse audiences at a range of university and community functions, including the classroom as professor and guest lecturer. Her style is magnetic versatile, and able to easily adapt on the spot, whether Zoom, classroom, live TV, stage presentations or community events.

"Theresa lights up any space and immediately captures the audience- her passion, and compassion, always shines through"

Susan H. 

Theresa’s authenticity and golden spirit provide a safe space for engaging in this important self-work. I highly recommend her as a mind-body skills facilitator…and as an overall great person!” 

"Theresa is an incredible mind-body skills facilitator. She offers every participant empathy and helpful information." 

Natalie S. 


"I had the privilege of practicing mindfulness meditation with Dr. Theresa Skaar during the COVID pandemic. Her ability in leading an online community was powerful. Dr. Skaar has the insight to combine reputable mindful practices with gentleness, with humor, and with purpose. I learned, I enjoyed, and I grew as a person because of her skill."
Elizabeth Baldizan, Ed.D.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"I learned, I enjoyed, and I grew as a person because of her skill."

Meditations with theresa