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Hi! Hello and welcome. In this blog I will be exploring mindfulness, communication, aging, and more.
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teal script on a pink watercolor background say: for all that I've received and all that I am about to receive thank you.

For all that I’ve received and all that I am about to receive, thank you. Theresa B. Skaar Gratitude…prompts to practice and incorporate are everywhere (or that’s what it feels like to me!). And sometimes, it makes me roll my eyes. If you are depressed, grieving, or just feeling low, people might tell you to […]

Gratitude as a Daily Practice


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Theresa discovered the universe can bring your intentions to life when you least expect it.

Intention setting success


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Life is busy and I bet you are too! Taking moment for yourself can seem like one more 'to do' that you do NOT have time for. I get it. That's why I'm giving you a real short mindful meditation to download so listen whenever you need a quick reset in your day. 

Free meditation 

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